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"Vickie is a gifted practitioner who has worked her magic on my scoliosis, sciatica, and areas I did't know I needed help... lol! Every appointment is different and I trust her skills and intuition to lead her. I give her full credit for keeping my body mobile and pain free."

Wendy Gloffke, PhD

"Vickie is an incredibly gifted healer who has over 29 years of experience. I have been to many practitioners over the years for my back and knee and no one has helped me the way Vickie has. I am so grateful for her."

Donna Floramonte, Owner of Waverly Holistic Center

"I had a spinal fusion when I was 15. After decades of Neglect, my fascia and lymph nodes were at a breaking point. I immediately started with Vickie and she single handed-ly took me from struggling to walk, some days, to being able to walk every day and do fun activities again."

Michelle Taormina, Snydersville, PA

"I have had severe back pain for eighteen months and have had trouble sleeping. Pain management did nothing for me. My orthopedic surgeon, from a prior surgery several years ago, reviewed my current MRI and told me he saw nothing to warrant another surgical procedure, and I couldn't say where the pain was coming from... He couldn't help me. I went to see Vickie Kovar for Rolfing treatments as a last hope to alleviate my pain. After three treatments with Vickie, my back felt perfectly pain-free, and I have been sleeping like a baby. The Rolfing treatments worked! Thank you, Vickie!!!"

Jimmy O, Lake Naomi, PA

"As a 56 year-old contractor, who had constant lower back and leg pain from failed back surgery two years ago saying, I am now free from nagging pain and can finally sleep at night. Thank you vickie."

Russel F, Mendham, NJ

"I was injured with head, neck and shoulder trauma from gymastics, being able to resume practice in a few weeks after seeing Vickie."

Kaitlyn, 17, NJ

" After getting a double knee replacement 4 years ago and suffering with pain every day since. Then after my first session with Vickie, I felt like I was reborn."

Anthony Taibi, Albrightsville, PA

"I am a busy 50 year old working mom suffering with constant migraines and having them alleviated with Vickie's Rolfing techniques.

Salette, FL

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